Seakayak course level 1

In this course we aim to deliver a broad spectrum of basic knowledge and techniques about Seakayaking.

It is our goal for you to independently plan and carry out simple tours near the shore.

You will be taught to realistically evaluate your own ability and to assess external factors and circumstances to make correct decisions.

You can choose any number of days, minimum of 1 and maximum of 3.
Kayak teacher to group participant ratio is: 1 to 6

Following elements are included in our Seakayak course Level 1:

  • Paddling and boat terminology
  • Equipment knowledge
  • The concept of Paddling
  • Basics strokes and techniques
  • Paddle bracing
  • Knots for paddlers
  • First aid for paddlers and boatst
  • Waves, wind and weather
  • Boat transport
  • Tour planning
  • Correct storage and packing of kit in the boat
  • Basics of navigation with maps and compasses
  • Open water rules: rights of way as an individual or as a group
  • Rescue and boat re-entry manoevres
  • History of Seakayaks and their design
  • Course description of seakayak level 2 course

Price: € 95.-/day, equipment rental included.

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