Adventure Combinations

For those guests who would like to experience a variety of adventures we have a two day adventure combination package. We can also combine a variety of two day adventure packages. These offers can be booked as suggested below, or can also provide some food for thought, so that you can combine your own custom made package.

All programmes start on the first day at 10:00. For the free in between times we can provide you with our rental equipment free of charge and you can use these in the turquoise waters of the Faaker See.

On the first day we will discover the Faaker See with a Kayak and a SUP and on the second day we will we will go on a half day rafting advenure.

Three cool sports come together! Adventure in the canyon, kayak basics on the Faaker See and finishing your day on a stand up paddle board.

Water - Rock - Wasser - Kayak - Climbing path - Stand up board

In a kayak, on a board and on wheels, control all your gear and enjoy the region.

From white water into the amazing heights on a rock wall, or the other way round…

Glide through the Möll valley on the rapids of the Möll river and discover the Faaker See region by mountainbike.

The perfect way to discover your holliday region, whisper downstream the Drau river by canoe and mountainbike on the many trails around the Faaker See.

Rafting and Canyoning, our adrenaline combo!