Kayak school

Our lessons emphasise a high fun factor, and through increased ability and improved skills we decrease any potential fear factors or insecurity in the sport. We include practical, didactic and pedagogic elements as part our teaching style in all courses, from basic through to expert. A standard component in all of our courses is the teaching of the eskimo roll.

To ensure safety, professionalism and teaching quality we only employ instructors who are fully qualified and state certified Kayak instructors.

In this course we teach participants all the basic skills of this white water kajaking, so that they can then independently plan and carry out tours in easy white water environments.

To enable course participants to plan and carry out tours in easy to average difficulty levels of white water, we will reinforce technical skills from the basic course as well as learn more sophisticated technical skills. As in all our courses, it is the ability to appropriately evaluate and assess danger that has top priority.

In our Kayak F2 course you will learn the most up to date techniques and tactics for wildwater and freestyle kayaking.

Start your kayak career with the support of a private Kajak instructor.

Our safety track record is unblemished. Countless safe and uninjured Kayakstudents, over 20 accident free paddle years and my long term contribution to the instruction team of the Austrian Kayak instruction board on the topic of safety in white water.

Since the late 80s the Kayakcentre Faak has specialised in kayakcourses for school groups. We are also members of the Schulsportprofis Faaker See, an organisation of school sport professionals, including accommodation providers and activity providers, to offer packages for school children and students.