Security Seminars

Our safety track record is unblemished. Countless safe and uninjured Kayakstudents, over 20 accident free paddle years and my long term contribution to the instruction team of the Austrian Kayak instruction board on the topic of safety in white water.

Improve your own safety and security by attending our safety seminars and benefit from my long experience. Our 2 day seminars are a combination of paddling on free flowing water and practicing theoretical knowledge in the evenings.

The following elements are included in our safety seminars:

  • Safety guidelines and principles in white water
  • Correct communication
  • The right line
  • Avoiding accidents
  • Learning about currents
  • Evaluating natural and artificial dangers
  • Organising the group
  • The correct safety equipment
  • Rescue techniques after a swimming accident for swimmers and material
  • Rescuing unconscous people, including from their kayak
  • Rescue from rolls
  • Rescue after pin-downs or jams
  • Correct safety precautions in danger zones

Price: € 170.-/person, for two days, transfer at the river and script included