Kayak F1 Course

To enable course participants to plan and carry out tours in easy to average difficulty levels of white water, we will reinforce technical skills from the basic course as well as learn more sophisticated technical skills. As in all our courses, it is the ability to appropriately evaluate and assess danger that has top priority.

We use the Soca, Moll, Goritnica and Lieser Rivers for our courses.You can choose any number of days, minimum of 1 and maximum of 5.
Kayak teacher to group participant ratio is: 1 to 6

The following elements are included in our basic courses:

  • Current Whitewater technical and tactical skills
  • Intensive knowledge of materials and equipment
  • Evaluation of the levels of difficulty
  • Repetition of the basic strokes and the lower paddle brace stroke
  • Eddy manoevre using the J stroke
  • Perfecting the eskimoroll in white water
  • Correct evalution of potential danger areas and appropriate responses and behaviour
  • Positioning of safety
  • Choosing the right boat for various White water conditions
  • How to knot
  • Choosing the right boat for various White water conditions
  • Basics of the freestyle kayaking
  • Basics of boofing
  • Paddling WW 3


  Adults Children
1 day € 80.- € 60.-
2 days € 150.- € 115.-
3 days € 220.- € 170.-
4 days € 285.- € 220.-
5 days € 350.- € 270.- 

Prices include transfer. Equipment rental is an additional € 15.-/day. Children´s prices apply until age 14.

After day three, we additionally take € 10.-per Person and day for transfer