Stand Up Paddling is the new international trend sport and is popular in surf centres around the world, but is also a great way to enjoy the beautiful Carinthian lakes. Equipped with the right board and paddle you can learn this sport in a very short time. Standing on a paddle board, gliding over the glittering water is a relaxing way to feel deep enjoyment.

For all those who want a regular SUP workout! You can purchase a 10 hour SUP rental card, this allows you to use a SUP independently of course and school schedules.

SUP Basics Featured

To learn the correct basics of this new trend sport we recommend our SUP basics course.

We provide a special  combination Hatha yoga with fantastic views across the Faaker See.

Relax after a long day at work by gliding over the sparkling Faakersee on a SUP into the sunset.

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Entspannt und exklusiv frühstücken direkt am bzw. auf dem See!