Rafting und Klettersteig

From white water into the amazing heights on a rock wall, or the other way round…

Rafting tour

Together with your raft guide you’ll navigate through waves and rapids into an adventure. For daredevils there is the possibility to jump from an bridge into the deep water of the Möll. After a challenging 12 kilometres we’ll take you back to the Faaker See.

Climbing tour Rotschitzer klamm

Klettersteig is not just a walk in the park, they have their own character. An professional guide will take you through the basic techniques and guide you through high walls and over narrow bridges. Adventure included!
Price for the 2 day special includes: free rental of water sports equipment at the kayak centre and 2 days entry fee for Strandbad Egg: € 110.-  per person, children under 14 € 89.-