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Canoe expedition on the River Drau

We will paddle a stretch of the river Drau with it’s unique landscape and peaceful natural environment.

A qualified canoe instructor will provide you with the necessary security equipment for your tour and will show you all required paddle strokes to ensure that you navigate the river Drau safely.

We will also provide you with lunch en-route. We will have a communal picknick, where we will introduce you to a real Carinthian Ploughmans lunch or we will lead you to the Convent Wernberg, where the convent kitchens will provide you with delicious home cooked food from our region. You can also have a short tour of the convent.  Enjoy the views of the City of Villach, from a different perspective!

Duration: 3,5 hours, price incl. picnic € 55,- per person, childs under 14 years: € 42,-