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Candian Canoe course Modul 1

Our Canadian canoe course Modul 1 is ideal for beginners and those who wish to paddle solo or tandem.

In this course we will provide you with a broad basic knowledge. Our participants will be introduced to the optimal basics of the single blade technique.

We define our course goals as the ability to independently plan and carry out simple tours, evaluate and assess dangers, and refine your single blade technique. You can choose a minimum of 1 and maximum of 5 days. Canadian canoe teacher to group participant ratio is: 1 to 6

The following elements are contained in our Canadian Canoe Module 1 course:

  • Paddle and Boat terminology
  • The correct carrying, transporting and securing boats
  • Knots for paddlers
  • Transporting boats to water
  • Correct entry and exit of boats
  • The 5 points of the paddle concepts
  • Turning point theory
  • Basic strokes for Bow and stern paddlers
  • Self-recovery and asisited recovery in flat water
  • Canoe design
  • Tour planning
  • First Aid for Canoeists
  • Paddling in cold weather
  • Free paddling, practice with instruction
  • Taster of further aspects: sit and switch, freestyle, roll, poling
  • Personal equipment such as safety equipment for paddling
  • correct packing

Price: € 95.-/day, equipment rental

Courses are always available, please ask for dates!

Manfred: 0043 650 410 22 71 or


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