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Canadian Canoe Modul 2

This Module 2 Canadian Canoe course is ideal for those who have some experience with Canadian Canoes and would like to enhance their skills.

The aim of this course is to perfect practical skills and theoretical knowledge, so that you can independently plan and carry out multiple day tours with supplies. You can choose a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3 days. Canadian canoe teacher to group participant ratio is: 1 to 6

The following elements are contained in our Canadian Canoe Course Module 2:

  • Repetition of the 5 points of the paddle concept
  • Paddle strokes for advanced paddlers
  • Paddling big, open water
  • Trimming Canadian canoes in windy conditions
  • Correct packing of Canadian canoes on tour
  • Sustinence on longer tours
  • Packing canoes with complete touring equipment and regulations
  • Low and high paddle brace
  • Checking and perfecting flat water paddle strokes
  • Sit and switch
  • Responsivenss of Canadian canoes in currents
  • Crossing of light currents and rope tows
  • Damms and their dangers
  • Repetition and perfecting  paddle strokes from OC1

Price: € 95.-/day, equipment rental included

Courses are always available, please ask for dates!

Manfred: 0043 650 410 22 71 or